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Due to the internet, the IT sector has seen a drastic change in the previous years which has altered the working pattern of web companies. Thus, the internet is the only medium that helps to connect with countless individuals worldwide. A company website is among the mediums which help to connect users but so as to make the website live internationally, there’s a demand for an internet hosting service. Therefore, investing in a best-dedicated host hosting will give you outstanding performance concerning traffic and speed. A dedicated server is the all-time best choice to learn more about the capacity of the site and online traffic. If you have a site that entertains massive traffic then it is compulsory to find a dedicated server to handle the corporation.


As I said before, the website is the only medium that’s used to connect with all the consumers and this can be possible with the assistance of hosting service. Web hosting is just a service that will allow you to get your site online and ensure it is visible globally. While buying a hosting service, you have an encounter with numerous hosting providers and hosting choices. There are a variety of alternatives available in the hosting alternative such as Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Cloud, WordPress, Business Hosting, Windows hosting and much more. One of those, dedicated hosting is a significantly more expensive and superior type of hosting option.


In dedicated hosting, you get a separate host that permits you to run solely without any hassle. You get separate RAM, CPU, bandwidth, operating system, etc that permit you to operate the web site easily. In addition, you get security features to safeguard the website from hacks and viruses.


A dedicated server is a king in the internet hosting company and will remain the exact same for a longer period of time. Check below the Benefits of dedicated hosting service:-

  • You have complete access to run your control panel and community tools.
  • Being adaptive in character, you can make adjustments in accordance with your requirements.
  • HDD drive is readily scalable and it has the power to support the majority of the systems.
  • Safety is ensured with DDoS protection together with web application firewalls to protect against the malicious assault which further guarantees optimum performance.
  • Due to easily accessible feature, it’s widely used with the Linux and Windows platforms.
  • It provides unlimited databases and integrated root access.
  • Resources aren’t shared with anybody and this contributes to fewer chances of both coagulation of both RAM and CPU.
  • In case, any bad or illegal scripts are operating on another webpage, then this won’t affect your site.
  • By providing security, it eliminates the prospect of sharing space with malicious websites.
  • No cost is required for the maintenance of the server tools.
  • Maximum uptime is guaranteed.
  • Top-level hardware can be utilized in the servers and this makes the machine exceptional about performance.


MilesWeb is India’s top web hosting supplier that delivers all kinds of hosting services at a reasonable price. In dedicated hosting, they supply an extensive lineup of hybrid servers in India and the US datacenter. You’ll get three strategies into their dedicated hosting, starting from Geek Rs. 3500/ mo and continued by Professional and Plus programs. Like I said before, MilesWeb offers to host at an affordable price together with the Geek strategy of dedicated hosting is the perfect example.

In the above screenshot, you can see that 50% OFF is provided on all of the programs. Additionally, their servers are connected to a high speed, redundant network combined with 24*7 service, constant monitoring of server and 99.95% uptime. On the lookout for cheap dedicated server hosting? Then check MilesWeb!!

Add-ons provided by MilesWeb:-

  • Host unlimited websites
  • Options for selecting OS
  • SSH root access
  • Server management
  • No setup fee or contract
  • Service level agreement

Dedicated Web Hosting


Branches of the Dedicated server:-

There are two distinct types of dedicated hosting services one is handled and the next is unmanaged. If you are a newbie in hosting instead of aware of specialized facets then you can take the help of your supplier to conquer issues. Whereas, if you’re technically sound and also have the ability to manage the issues by yourself then unmanaged hosting is a choice to start with. MilesWeb presents hybrid a new kind of host that gives attributes of dedicated server and scalability of the cloud server. A hybrid is the most suitable choice for small, medium and large scale ventures.


I hope this post needs to have cleared all of your doubts connected to dedicated hosting and you will think to get dedicated hosting for your website. For an eCommerce website, dedicated hosting has been the first choice as it provides multiple attributes that are needed to deal with the web site. In short, there are a number of advantages of dedicated hosting on shared hosting and VPS hosting.

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